STARS NGO - What we are?

St Thomas Association for Rural Services, the official social work organization of CMI St. Thomas province Calicut established in 1991. The goal of the organization is the inclusion of the socially and economically excluded sections of the society to the mainstream. The organization worked for last 22 years in Kozhikode, Kannur, Wayanad and Kasargod districts of Kerala, Chamaranjnagar districts of Karnataka, Nilgrils of Thamilnadu, Poonch, Noushra, Rajori of Jammu and Kashmir.

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 Objectives of the Organization.

  1. To work for creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for all disadvantaged people from rural and urban areas.
  2. To work for the total rehabilitation and development of people with disabilities.
  3. To promote gender in development.
  4. To strive for the improvement of mental health of people.
  5. To be a catalyst in the field of protection of the environment and natural recourses.
  6. To fight for the rights of children.
  7. To conduct research in the field of social work and related fields.

Recent Activities

We’re used to thinking that charity just means giving poorer people money. In fact, it’s about extending sympathy to another human being – who may be us.

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