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Paper Recycling Unit

With a view to ensuring zero-waste campaign, STARS the social development wing of CMI St.Thomas Province, Kozhikode established a Paper Recycling unit with the support of German Consulate & St.Joseph’s College, Devagiri at Ashakiran Special School campus, situated at Devagiri in Kozhikode Corporation of Kerala State. It has been looked upon as a model project that could be carried out in the Ashakiran campus. A new working shed was constructed for the waste segregation under this project and machineries were installed for running the waste recycling unit. Now the unit is fully operational. Training for the special children and the family members were given special training on how to recycle the waste and make the recycle products by using the new machines. About 25 children with disabilities and their parents are the most beneficial group of this project. Now the skill training for the children with disabilities and the parents are in progress in this new recycling unit.

Positive impacts contributed by the project

• Regular employment and supplementary income generation opportunities for the children with disabilities.
• Reduced, reused and recycled the waste material generated by the school and college where the unit is established.
• Contribute environment conservation.
• Create a model unit of waste management practices for information, dissemination education and scaling up.