Health Promotion

STARS visualizes a healthy society by tackling increasing carelessness about health in the rural and urban areas of Malabar region. It has taken up several steps to create awareness regarding health among the people and to promote physical, mental and intellectual health. Works of the organization are making efforts from time to time to create awareness regarding iodized salt, safe delivery, clean drinking water, exclusive breast-feeding, etc. The workers also make the people aware as to how they can save themselves from various diseases.


Fathima Matha Mission Hospital

About fifty years ago, when there were hardly any medical or transportation facilities in the Wayanad area, the CMI Calicut Province decided to start a hospital in the district of Wayanad. A small hospital run by Dr Sebastian V.J and Dr Tresa Sebastian in a rented building was purchased in 1972 by the province and was renamed Fatima Mata Mission Hospital. CMI Calicut province paved the way for the development of FMMH into a multi-specialty hospital in its present form with 200 beds. The hospital now offers medical help in all major medical fields such as General Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, orthopaedics, Nephrology and so forth.

Fathima Mata School of Nursing, the district’s first nursing school commenced in 1998. The school was initiated under the guidance of Fr. Thomas Kuttiyani CMI along with Fr. Joseph Mattam CMI, as a wing for the Hospital. The School received the recognition of Kerala Nursing Council by Nov 02, 1994 and Indian Nursing Council by Mar 12, 2001. The dialysis unit was initiated by Rev. Fr. Joseph Vayalil CMI the then Director of Fathima Mata Mission Hospital in the year 2009 under the guidance of Nephrologists, Dr. Sunil George on the constant request from patients who had to travel for 3 to 5 hours to Calicut for dialysis. The unit started with 2 machines round the clock. Now the unit has 8 machines working in three shifts. The unit covers over 500 to 550 sessions on monthly basis.

When the health care system was getting advanced, the medical team of Fathima Mata Mission Hospital insisted on having the CT scan facility to handle the trauma cases. The service was added in the year 2013. As the patients increased, the limited facilities were not able to accommodate patients in Outpatient department. This had to be restructured for accumulating all the Outpatient services in the same location. This dream was fulfilled in 2016 by the then director Rev. Fr. Sunil M. Antony CMI.

Fathima Mata Mission Hospital is the first centre for collecting corneas in the district of Wayanad. The medical team is coordinated through the project of HOPE. This recognition was obtained in October 2017. FMMH offers the best medical care with technology advanced healthcare facilities for the people at affordable cost.


Chavara Cancer Care Project (CCCP)

Chavara Cancer Care Project (CCCP) aims at providing care and support for cancer afflicted children, youth and elderly persons in Kozhikode, Kannur, Kasargod and Wayanad districts. Education support for children, financial support for cancer treatment and support for livelihood of the family members of cancer patients are some of the activities undertaken by CCCP.


Ashraya CMI Holistic Counseling Project

Ashraya Counseling Centre is a comprehensive mental health service centre run by CMI father’s aims at providing a wide range of psychological services to all age group. This endeavor is a holistic center, which combines various psychotherapeutic approaches and training procedures for the overall development of individuals. The programme and services are designed to heal one self and to lead a blissful life. Since its inception in 2018, Ashraya Counseling centre has been providing professional counseling services for the needy people in the regions of Malabar as part of a social work activities attached to the CMI institutions. It Provides fulltime counseling services for various groups/people, conduct motivational workshop for children, youths and professionals etc.

  • “To ensure mental & Emotional health for all sections of society”.
  • Mission
  • “To Enhance the wellbeing of individuals, families and community by Education, Prevention, & Treatment”.

    Our clients
  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Youngsters
  • Couples
  • Family
  • Elderly
    Our services
  • Psychological assessment & counseling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Personal & emotional development training


Ambulance Project

The ambulance service was started by STARS as part of the commemoration of Golden Jubilee of Kozhikode province. This service is made available free of cost to the poor patients at Kozhikode medical college and around.


Hope Dialysis Project

With the financial help from Germany through Fr Rajesh Choorapoikayil CMI, a dialysis unit was installed at the Fatima Mata Mission Hospital, Kalpetta. Through this unit we are able to give free dialysis to one economically backward patient each day.


STARS Pain & Palliative Care Unit

Palliative care is a nascent branch of medicine yet to take roots in Kerala. Our present health system has no place for terminally ill end stage patients suffering from cancer, kidney problem etc. A few NGOs are trying to bridging the gap by providing this service to such patients. St. Thomas Association for Rural Service (STARS) today offers the whole gamut of services from STARS Pain & Palliative Care centre in Naduvil Grama Panchayat Vellad entirely free of cost. The care is provided by a highly skilled team of doctors, nurses and other support staff. The major objective of this project is to provide home-based palliative care for patients with terminally ill and with advanced cancers and other life-limiting conditions living in Vellad, Pathanpara, Thermala, Asankavala and Mavumchal villages in Kannur district of Kerala. 24 x 7 an ambulance facility for transportation of patients to hospital or to their respective homes is also available.