Rehabilitation Of Physically And Mentally Challenged

Mainstreaming of the Persons with Disability (PwDs) including Children with Disability (CwDs) has been an important concern of the organization. With a helping hand from CMI St.Thomas Province Kozhikode, the organization promotes the community based rehabilitation of CwDs through its community centres. The components of the program include medical aid, counseling, educational aid, vocational training for initiating livelihood, empowerment through groups of CwDs and their parents and their access to the government programs like pension, rail/bus concession etc. At present 150 CwDs/PwDs have been getting the benefits of the CBR program as a step towards integration in the mainstream of society.

he aim of the CBR interventions include:-
The child participates in the family activities.
The child participates in the activities outside the family.
The child/youngster attends school, has a job or another meaningful day spending.
The parents know how to cope with the disability of the child.


Ashakiran special school

The first of its kind in Calicut City. The school for the differently abled bean functioning with ten students and two staff members in the Chavara Hall of the Provincial House. On 13th November 1983, when Fr Sebastian Poonoly was the provincial, a society was registered under the name Ashakiran Association for Mentally Retarded Persons. In 1987 this school was shifted to the Devagiri campus and was renamed Ashakiran School for the Differently abled. The ministry of Social Justice and improvement of the government of India provides a grant for the activities of the school.

The current enrollment in the school is 106. The school is blessed with 16 qualified teaching professionals and 13 non teaching staff. The academic curriculum systematically incorporates scientific techniques. The student’s teacher ratio is 8:1.

In addition to providing opportunities for the development of personal, academic, social and occupational skills, the school offers several therapeutic programmes such as yoga therapy, music therapy, dance therapy, drama therapy and so on.

For the convenience of training, the students have been divided into different groups such as pre-primary, Primary, Secondary, Pre vocational, vocational and Autism according to their age, sex and psycho social development. Yoga, Meditation, Music and Dance Programs are the additional programs to their daily training curriculum. Each student has been cautiously observed and assessed by the teachers and other professionals. It’s an institute for education and integral development of mentally retarded children.


Ashraya Psycho Social Rehabilitation Centre, Chelannur

Ashraya is a psychosocial rehabilitation centre for enhancing the quality of life of the mentally ill people who received professional help from mental health centres. Occupational therapies based on the therapeutic use of everyday activities help the patients develop, recover, improve, as well as maintain the skills needed for daily living and working. The rehabilitation centre was originally started functioning at Ashraya, Peruvayal. It was shifted to Ashagram Chelannur on 1st January 2008. There are at present 13 residents and 5 staff members. The main objective of the centre is: skill development, vocational training, counseling, medical advice and treatment.

Now Ashraya offers various types of therapies such as occupational therapy, music therapy, physiotherapy, group therapy and recreation therapy. These therapies help the residents take care of themselves by paying attention to the development of healthy living habits. They are trained to manage personal hygiene on their own. Regular psychiatric follow ups and medical check-ups enable the residents to develop more complex living skills.