Chavara Cancer Project


STARS had been helping 85 cancer afflicted children from different parts of Kerala. We also help students for their studies, marriage help for poor girls, treatment help etc. Likewise we would like to look after many more cancer afflicted children from Kozhikode and Wayanad districts.


Care and Support Programme for Cancer Afflicted Children in Kozhikode and Wayanad Districts”.


Care and Support Programme for Cancer Afflicted Children in Kerala”.


  • To provide educational support for Cancer Afflicted Children.
  • To provide support for professional studies for cancer afflicted children.
  • To provide nutritious food for cancer afflicted children
  • To provide marriage support for the cancer afflicted children.
  • To provide support for the Construction, repairs and maintenance work for cancer afflicted children.
  • To provide counseling services for the cancer afflicted children.
  • To provide life skill education for the cancer afflicted children.
  • To provide occasions for the children to get together for sharing and achieve a feeling of universalization.


The targeted group consists of 50 cancer afflicted children from economically struggling families, in Kozhikode and Wayanad District regardless of caste and creed.


STARS wishes to fulfill all these necessities for children Afflicted with Cancer from economically poor family background. We have planned to identify and provide these supports for children in Kozhikode and Wayanad Districts.

Educational Support

From the beginning itself, children are one of our major focus area. For the past few months we are really disturbed about the requests that we are receiving for the support of cancer infected and affected children all over the state. A vast study in this area made us to understand the necessity of intervention in their life, especially for their education. Along with the expensive treatment, nutritious food etc… the family is not able to afford educational expenses of the child. If proper support is not given, there are chances of school dropout also.

By this project STARS wishes to fulfill the educational needs of 50 Cancer Afflicted children from economically poor family background. By educational support, we mean School aids, boarding fees, bags, books, uniform, transportation charges, tuition fee, extracurricular activities etc…

Support for Professional studies

Children with high motivation should be supported for higher/professional studies. Through this project STARS provides all kind of support for it.

Nutritious Food

Diet during cancer treatment is as important as before and after the cancer treatment. This must be individualized to address personal and cultural preferences and symptom-related needs of the individual patient. Proper and adequate nourishment will only help the body be strong so that it can cope with the side effects, which may occur as the treatment progresses. For economically backward families, it is not able to provide adequate nourishment.

Marriage support

By this we mean to provide support for the marriage of girl child whose family is afflicting by cancer.

House construction, repairs and maintenance

By this we mean to provide support for House construction, repairs and maintenance for cancer afflicted children.

Counseling support

It is quite usual to experience stress, worry and concerns as a result of diagnosis or treatment. Diagnosis and treatment of cancer are potential traumatic stressors. Having cancer may lead Children to experience one or more of the following: anxiety, uncertainty about the future, anger, adjustment difficulties, distress, and changes in body image, depression, balancing the demands of illness and treatment alongside being a patient. The Children’s Oncology Group LTFU Guidelines state that the potential for developing psychosocial late effects is universal in the cancer experience and recommend that all childhood cancer survivors receive annual psychosocial assessment with particular attention to Post Traumatic Symptoms Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression. Some people can find it helpful to discuss their feelings, needs and concerns with our specialist team. So it is necessary to provide psychological support and counseling for the afflicted children to cope with the problem.

Life Skill Education

The emotional stress of living with a diagnosis of cancer and its treatment, fear of recurrence, and the distress imposed by living with the day-to-day physical problems described above can create new or worsen preexisting psychological distress for people living with cancer, their families, and other informal caregivers. Physical and psychological impairments can also lead to substantial social problems, such as inability to fulfill the social roles. So it is important to give life skill education for the children to deal with their situations and problems.

Day for Get Together

Having a child diagnosed with cancer is one of the most traumatic events that can happen to a family and may cause a significant emotional and financial burden. The fear, frustration and panic felt by families who have been told that their child has cancer. During this difficult situation it is very important to ensure that they are not alone and they will get the best care and support on a regular basis. It will be practical through the get together of people who facing the same problem. It will help to make them understand all these problems are universal situation for all people who are infected and affected by Cancer.


STARS will take the initiative for the monitoring and evaluation of the project and will continue to be involved in ensuring that it is functioning smoothly. The monthly get together of the target group and follow up will conduct. We will also take initiatives for finding local contributions and sponsorships for this children’s group in the upcoming days.

All these will be provided according to the need of identified children. Along with these supports, support for urgent needs will also be provided.


Project Details

  • Project Name : Chavara Cancer Project

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