Chavara Housing Project


Objectives and a brief description of the project

STARS is working for the urban poor in the outskirts of the Kozhikode city and rural people in other northern districts of Kerala and has several animation programmes in this regard. Society focuses on the group formation and strengthening of the women in the area also. As a part of the urban community animation programme, the staffs of the society is in continuous discussion with the people in the locality and this has resulted in the identification of the specific problem under reference. A safe and secure house to the identified families will result in holistic development of these families who are deprived of the same because of their economic impoverishment and non-willingness of the Government to ensure the same to these families.

Project Conceptualization

The very purpose of the project is to improve the housing conditions of the neglected urban poor in Kozhikode which consists of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled tribes, other backward communities. Living in slums, the vicious circle of poverty has always hindered the development of these families. The outskirts of the Calicut city, the reference area of the project are full of slums where the labours and other backward class lives in anticipation of opportunities to work as labours in the city. Most of them shifted to these slums in the end of 90s and started living in dwellings either constructed by them illegally or bought from others. In the due course of time, the government was

kind enough to issue legal documents for their housing but never helped them financially for making houses. Over a period of time, the growing urbanization of the city resulted in great impoverishment in the housing conditions of these people. These slums are choked with illegal constructions, lack of sanitation facilities and drinking water supply. However facing all odds, these families are hardly living in their old dwellings to earn livelihood. These houses are on the verge of demolition as the economic backwardness of the families resulted in non-repair of houses at right times.

Heavy downpours in the past and present season have resulted in the poor condition of these houses. We have identified around 115 poor families residing in the outskirts of Kozhikode whose houses are in a dilapidated condition. As a first step we have provided help to 30 families who deserved urgent attention as the family members consist of mentally challenged, elder members, female children, diseases and female headed families. The rest are under very deprived situation. Temporarily they have put up with their relatives both with and outside. Most of them don’t have any permanent job and hence it is hard for them to reconstruct those homes. They are left to live as refugees in their own land as they didn’t have any credentials to source the support from government. Therefore the intervention being sought from SELAVIP envisages the total rehabilitation of the neglected and oppressed community of Kozhikode.

Objectives of the project

Some of the objectives of the project are as follows. The first objective is the permanent resettlement of backward families in Kozhikode area by renovating the dilapidated houses. Second objective is to ensure habitat security with freedom from natural calamities to the families with minor children and other vulnerable family members. The third objective is to create a healthy atmosphere for community living thus resulting in total development of the family. Fourth objective is to ensure a dignity of existence with social acceptance as a person without a house to live in is considered similar to beggars. Fifth objective is to prevent trafficking in the area as the vulnerability of the family always results in prey to the traffickers. The final objective is to ensure that there is no dropouts and discontinuation from education by creation of environment and conditions for the children to go up for the education.

Activities of the Project

 The project components consist of renovating the roof, floorings, plastering, wall completion, creation of door facilities etc… Some houses require permanent roofing which can resist all weather conditions. Some houses require strengthening of the walls. Some require plastering to be completed. A few houses require safety in the form of doors and windows as vulnerable women population always need such kind of security features. Few of them have arranged temporary alternatives to the situation like making use of makeshift huts, using tarpaulin tents etc… But every three months they have to spend again and again on these temporary arrangements. Society’s main focus will be the durability of the house so that it can ward off any kind of calamities in future. Society will ensure that beneficiaries make use of good quality construction materials for the purpose.

75% of the families identified are in need of renovating the roof. It is found that Tiles/Tin roofs are strong and can resist any weather. Other needs are varying. Some need to strengthen the walls as they are in the verge of collapse. A few families with disabled and elder population need the flooring with cement as this will help the free movement of the disabled and elder people. In these cases, they require ramps for the free movement of wheel chairs also. It is envisaged to make use of the locally available and durable materials for the renovation of the houses.

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  • Project Name : Chavara Housing Project

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