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CMI Fathers together with the CMC sisters and Nazareth sistersof Thalassery began the mission work in 1989. There are now six centers in the mission: Jammu, Noushara, Lambori,Sunderbeni, Rajouri and Poonch. Manavaseva is working under these areas;

There are various kinds of social service projects and works undertaken by STARS. These are aimed at the development of people of various kinds and needs. Some of these are purely charitable, where as some others focus on the resource development of people.

There is a medical project of MSS that is going on for last seven years, since the earthquake of 2005 in Poonch. This is a mobile clinic, in which we go to the villages nearby and conduct regular medical check up and distribute medicines free of cost. A team of a doctor, nurse, driver visit the places regularly. The father in-charge will oversee the project and runs it. Father himself makes visit to the villages. Some of the villages covered under this project are: Manganar, Digbar, Khanetar, Islamabad, and Bainch. The visiting doctors, who are mainly from the District.

Hospital Poonch and other hospitals here prescribe and distribute the medicine we carry. They sometimes prescribe to specialized doctors also. The people in the villages appreciate this program very much and they are looking forward to the visit of the medical team every week.

Another social work undertaken by the Ashram is about teaching skills to the unemployed youth in the district. This program comes under the ‘Himayat Project’ of the Rural Development Ministry of central government. Don Bosco Tech runs this program in various parts of the country including J&K. The centre in Poonch is entrusted to us by the DBTech. There are some 100 unemployed youth from all over the district trained for three months under this program. They are mostly poor, and had to discontinue studies after their 10th and 12th classes. Our DBTech centre trains the youth on trades such as electrical, hospitality and retail. After their training they will be placed in factories, hotels and shops etc. We are given the responsibility to take care of the centre, students and all other necessities here.

Christ School Poonch is one of the best schools in the state. The school is giving free and subsidised education to many students. All the 52 Christians students in the school study free of cost or on highly subsidised fees. The Christians here are from the lowest strata of the society. The school also gives free education to the eligible students from other sections of the society.

We make partial payments for the Christian students who are doing professional courses outside. These partial payments are usually big amounts. We helped many girls and boys to get admission in nursing courses and engineering courses in various places. Mostly, later it turns out to be our duty to fund their fees also. Right now we help a girl and a boy doing their nursing courses in Jammu and in Bangalore.

Besides all these we help our parishioners in emergency situations especially in medical treatment. Sometimes their hospital bills are so huge that they are unable to pay up. Then naturally they turn to us for help.

Fr. Jimmy Podoor CMI is the superior of St. Ignatius Ashram now. Fr. Mathew Nalledath CMI is the principal of Christ School. Fr. Philip Attukadavil CMI is the parish priest and the director of DBTech, and incharge of Medical project.

Director: Rev.Fr Lijo Vakanipuzha


Yesupal Ashram

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