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The economy of the target area is based mostly on business and unorganized sectors. A vast majority of working people are wage labourers in the construction handicrafts, painting, fishing, sales and marketing in shops and commercial establishments etc. Majority of the workers are employed in the unorganized sectors due to lack of employable skills, proper education and self-motivation to succeed in life. Majority of them were women who did not have higher skills. Their jobs are irregular and so the monthly income is low. This low income affects their livelihood and wellbeing. The education and health standards of them and their women and children are comparatively low and this affects their future prospects and productivity.

The income of the individual household is limited to the bread winners’ irregular and low income from wage labour. There are no alternate sources of income. This is not sufficient to meet the needs of the family. Education and health of the women and children suffer. Debts traps are built up around them. Future is bleak without dreams to grow. Their present skills are not sufficient to compete with bigger firms in and outside the country. Therefore we plan to begin few tailoring units in schools for poor families with good tailoring skills.

Organizational background

STARS (St.Thomas Association for Rural services) is a social apostolate of St:Thomas Province of Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI) Kozhikode, in South

India to promote, guide, catalyze, resource and co-ordinate programs for the liberation and uplift of the weaker sections, particularly the socially challenged and those discriminated against on the grounds of gender, caste and creed in the districts of Kozhikode, Wayanad, Kannur & Kasargode in Kerala State, Chamraj Nagar of Karnataka state and Jammu and Kashmir. Registered as a charitable entity under the relevant Act in force, the Society simultaneously is governed by the stipulations thereof as are applied to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO). STARS has a democratic setup having representatives drawn from the mass base as well the clergy in the policy/decision making bodies with the St: Thomas Province of CMI. The goal of the organization is the inclusion of the socially and economically excluded sections of the society to the mainstream. Society is founded to cater the needs of the poorest of the poor in south India, Kerala.

Target group

Target group includes women, men, unemployed youths and people with low income from the near by area in Kozhikode.

Vision of the society is creating a society whereby all disadvantaged persons live a just and dignified life. Mission of the society is influencing the ongoing changes in the society in favour of the poor and the needy.

Objectives of the society are to work for creating sustainable lively hood opportunities for all disadvantaged people from rural and urban areas to work for the sustainable rehabilitation and development of people with low income.

Tailoring unit Project

For the empowerment of the SHG’s, and women groups STARS initiated a new project of Tailoring unit. In order to achieve a sustainable income for poor families. STARS planning to start a Tailoring project among the members under our area. Proposal is to bring about 10 families under the umbrella of the project. We are planning to bring about a sustainable income through school uniform tailoring.

Today thousands of students are stitching their uniforms from outside and it costs a lot. If we could begin a unit it would be a great help for the parents as well as the tailoring families.

Benefits of the Project

1. Lively hood for small income families in the area can improve

2. Making sure the perfection of the stitching

3. Good living habits among members.

4. Making them highly professional in stitching

Project Details

  • Project Name : STARS Tailoring Unit

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